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2012 MLB Standings: Tigers Still Trail White Sox By 3 Games

Despite a dominating 12-2 win over the American League wild card-leading Oakland A's, the Detroit Tigers still face an uphill battle if they're going to qualify for the playoffs in 2012.

Since the Chicago White Sox also won on Tuesday night, the Tigers remain three games behind the Tigers for first place in the American League Central. Detroit didn't gain any ground on the Baltimore Orioles for the second wild card spot either, as the Orioles defeated the Mariners in 18 innings on Tuesday night. Detroit remains five and a half games behind Baltimore.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 81 66 .551 0 Won 5
Detroit 78 69 .530 3 Won 1
Kansas City 66 81 .448 15 Lost 2
Cleveland 61 87 .412 20.5 Lost 1
Minnesota 61 87 .412 20.5 Won 1

Needless to say, the AL Central is much more likely a fit for the Tigers than a wild card spot.

Still, the folks at give the Tigers just a 17% chance of winning the division -- and a 20.8% overall chance at making the playoffs.

The Tigers will have an opportunity to gain ground on the White Sox this weekend, as the White Sox head to Los Angeles to take on Mike Trout and the Angels, while the Tigers host the Twins.

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