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Lions not considering firing special teams coordinator Danny Crossman

Despite giving up two more special teams touchdowns on Sunday, Danny Crossman's job is safe.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

Special teams coordinators are anonymous until their units mess up, and that's exactly the situation faced by Detroit Lions special teams coordinator Danny Crossman heading into the week. The Lions are the first team since 1940 to give up a punt and kick return for a touchdown in two consecutive weeks, but despite that, according to MLive, head coach Jim Schwartz insisted on Sunday that Crossman isn't going anywhere.

"No. That's not a consideration. If we're getting out-schemed, if we were making continual mistakes; there's physical plays we have to make, and we're professional athletes, and we have to make them."

The two special teams touchdowns by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday were the only times that Minnesota got in the end zone in what was a 20-13 victory for the Vikings. It came on the heels of a loss last week in which the Tennessee Titans scored their first touchdown of the game on a punt return that reprised the famous Music City Miracle and then tied the game in the fourth with a kick return.

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