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Vikings vs. Lions 2012: Detroit 'an absolute mess' after Minnesota wins 1st NFC North road game since 2009

The Detroit Lions are off to a 1-3 start, which has Pride Of Detroit's Sean Yuille calling for changes to be made between now and when the Lions return to action in Week 6 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

A 1-3 start is inexcusable, and the Lions are just an absolute mess. Certainly they've been the victim of some bad luck, but that is not why they are 1-3. They are 1-3 because they are not a good team ... Changes need to be made, both from a coaching and personnel standpoint, if the Lions are going to get this season turned around and prevent it from being a wasted year. I certainly hope they use their bye week wisely.

The Lions haven't lost a game by more than one score, so to say they're a "victim of some bad luck" is certainly valid.

On the Vikings' side of things, The Daily Norseman's Christopher Gates wants to sit back and enjoy the unexpected success of Minnesota's young football team:

The Minnesota Vikings are 3-1, and in sole possession of first place in the NFC North for the first time in 1,001 days. And we, as fans, should be enjoying the heck out of it. After last season, nobody deserves to be pleasantly surprised more than we do.

As Gates notes in the article, the Vikings beat a divisional foe for the first time in two years, and won their first road game within the division since Brett Favre beat the Green Bay Packers in 2009.