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Calvin Johnson says Lions expect to beat Bears on Monday night

Detroit Lions star wide receiver Calvin Johnson says the team performs well on the road and they expect to win on Monday night in Chicago.

Gregory Shamus

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has put up some big numbers against the Chicago Bears defense over the course of his career, but he's focused on getting the win at Soldier Field and says the team expects to win on Monday night. The statement doesn't really qualify as bulletin board material – what NFL team doesn't expect to win, after all? – but it is still definitely a message to the Bears that the intensity level will be high on MNF.

In nine career games against the Bears, Johnson has caught 45 passes for 695 yards and four touchdowns. Here is what Johnson had to say to the team website about the next matchup against the Bears in prime time on ESPN:

"Heading into Chicago for Monday Night – we expect to win. We are a good road team. It's been awhile since we've won there, so it would be a good feeling to win. I'm looking forward to the challenge."

He also talked a bit about Chicago's cornerbacks and defensive line, as both units have been playing very well so far this season. The Bears entered their bye week with the most sacks and most interceptions in the NFL, and Johnson knows if the Lions get behind there could be trouble: "Once you get behind Chicago it's hard to catch up with their running game and the defense that they play."

Johnson's infamous link to the Bears and Soldier Field stems from the season opener in 2010, when his potential game-winning touchdown catch was overturned on a controversial review decision and the Lions lost, 19-14.