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NFL power rankings: Lions keep slipping

The Detroit Lions continued to slip in the power rankings after dropping a game to the Minnesota Vikings.

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The Detroit Lions lost their third straight game, falling to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 4 by the score of 20-13. All of the Lions losses have been one possession games, which keeps them among the higher ranked one win teams but they still find themselves sliding down the power rankings.

In Joel Thorman's power rankings at SB Nation, the Lions didn't drop any spots despite the loss but their prospects for the rest of this season were questioned:

20. Detroit Lions (LW: 20, 1-3): At Philly after their bye. Then at Chicago. Is a 1-5 start coming?

A 1-5 start looks possible and would ruin any hopes the Lions have about returning the playoffs this season. The biggest problem for the Lions thus far seems to be special teams, and the power rankings are taking note. At ESPN, Detroit slipped two spots from 18th to 20th:

Last year it was penalties. This year, special-teams breakdowns. Discipline is a recurring issue in Detroit.

Brian Billick at Fox Sports noted similar problems as he dropped the Lions from 20th to 21st. At CBS, Detroit received its lowest ranking, coming in at 24th. And at the Lions fell from 18th to 22nd. Overall that gives the Lions an average power ranking of 21.4. They have a bye this week to try figure out a solution to their special teams issues before they get back in action.