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VIDEO: New 'This Is SportsCenter' commercials feature Matthew Stafford

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is featured in two recently released "This Is SportsCenter" commercials.


ESPN's SportCenter is known for producing amusing commercials featuring athletes and ESPN personalities as part of their "This is SportsCenter" campaign. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is the latest athlete to make a cameo appearance.

Stafford, who attended the University of Georgia, is featured in two commercials alongside the Georgia mascot. In the first commercial, Stafford takes a look inside the ESPN employee fridge, only to find some less than desirable smelling food. He tosses it into the garbage which is just where the Georgia Bulldog likes it.

In the second commercial, the Georgia Bulldog is attempting to get a drink of water when it spills the cup on the floor. As it reaches down to clean it up, Stafford walks in on a precarious looking situation. After scolding the bulldog and sending it "outside" Stafford is forced to cleanup the mess himself. The towel Stafford wears on his uniform comes in handy in this instance.