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NFL Week 8 picks: Seahawks vs. Lions

Analysts lean heavily in favor of Seattle.


The Seattle Seahawks and rookie quarterback Russell Wilson are heading to the Motor City to face the Detroit Lions, hoping to turn their season around.

Before the season began, it was hard to imagine this Week 8 match up would favor the Seahawks. However, a lackluster start by Matthew Stafford, paired with a vaunted Seattle defense, has lead to most pundits siding with Pete Carroll's team, even on the road.

Over at ESPN, only three analysts are picking the Detroit Lions. Interestingly though, the Accuscore computer is favoring the Lions. The combined record of those picking Detroit? 259-157. So there may be hope for the Lions yet.

The story isn't quite so rosy over on CBS, where the Lions are yet again the underdog -- with only Pete Prisco and Dave Richard picking Detroit. Unlike ESPN, their combined record doesn't shine favorable on the pickers, with Pricso and Richard combining for 88-120.

Finally we have the experts over at Yahoo! They're falling in step with the overall opinion that Detroit will lose. Of their three analysts, only Jason Cole thinks Stafford and the Lions will win.