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Calvin Johnson playing through injuries

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has been playing through injuries, most notably a sore knee.

Al Messerschmidt

The Detroit Lions came through in the final seconds against the Seattle Seahawks, scoring a touchdown pass with the game on the line to take the lead and escape with a win. But that pass didn't go to star wide receiver Calvin Johnson. No, he had two dropped passes on the day, including what would have been the game-winning score just a couple plays prior. So why was he a non-factor on Sunday?

Well, it could have been the play of cornerback Richard Sherman (who is happy, despite his team's loss, just because he managed to shutdown Johnson), or it could be the fact that Johnson is playing through injuries. According to, Johnson is playing hurt, and is doing so out of necessity, given the injury that sidelined Nate Burleson for the season.

Johnson said that he "tried to recoup," and "get everything back," in time, but that he just wasn't himself out there. In an ideal scenario, it's likely that Johnson would have taken some time to rest his knee injuries, which kept him out of practice twice last week. But instead, he decided to play, and only grabbed three catches for 46 yards on Sunday.