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Matthew Stafford's penchant for 4th quarter comebacks continues

Matthew Stafford has now won 16 career games, and eight of them have been fourth-quarter comebacks.

Al Messerschmidt

The Detroit Lions came through in a big way on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. They trailed for most of the game, and it took a touchdown in the final seconds of play for them to come out on top, but they did. For quarterback Matthew Stafford, who obviously threw the game-winning pass, it was simply par the course.

As noted by Kevin Seifert via Twitter, Stafford's fourth-quarter comeback on Sunday was his 16th career victory. It also was the eighth time that the young quarterback has led his team on a comeback in the final quarter of play. In other words, half of the time Stafford wins football games, he leads his team on a comeback to do so. He's had nine game-winning drives in the fourth quarter, though only eight comebacks, as a tie is included in the former stat.

It almost wasn't a comeback, though. Stafford led his team to the 12-yard line, trailing by four with under a minute remaining. He threw an incomplete pass to Tony Scheffler, and then Calvin Johnson dropped one right after that. He then hit Joique Bell for an 11-yard game and the Lions burned their final timeout. From the one-yard line, Stafford missed two passes, before hitting Titus Young for the game-winner.