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Lions' Lawrence Jackson wants fine for Seahawks' Paul McQuistan

Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson is still fed up about the cheap shot he was given from Seattle's Paul McQuistan on Sunday.


Unhappy with a low block from Seattle offensive lineman Paul McQuistan in Sunday's game, Detroit Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson told Justin Rogers of that he believes McQuistan absolutely deserves a fine for his actions.

"If you feel like that's being a tough guy, or that's making a play, cool, but that's chicken (expletive)," Jackson said. "Guys get hurt like that. I understand being tough, being rough, whatever you want to call it, but I feel when a guy doesn't have a chance to defend himself, why are you cutting? Why don't you just put a body on him?"

No penalty was called on the play, but Jackson's momentum from the low shot forced him to land awkwardly on the leg of safety Louis Delmas, a blow that sent Delmas to the locker room for the rest of the day. Though Jackson was lucky to avoid any type of injury, he immediately had to be restrained by teammate Ndamukong Suh after the play.

Jackson's comments come just weeks after Detroit linebacker Stephen Tulloch endured a cut block against the Texans that drew a $10,000 fine from the league office. Lions players are fed up with the frequency of uncalled chop blocks around the league.