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Lions tied for last in NFL in interceptions

The Detroit Lions secondary is tied for last in the NFL when it comes to snatching interceptions, and the defense as a whole is No. 26 in total points allowed. It has been a rough start to the 2012 season.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

The Detroit Lions were expected to compete for a premium playoff spot in 2012, but a 1-3 start has people worried about whether things will turn around in time to make a postseason run. One big problem has been the defense, which currently ranks No. 26 in total points allowed (114), No. 26 in completion percentage allowed (66.1%) and No. 26 in QB rating allowed (101.3).

Perhaps the worst sign for the secondary is that they have yet to record an interception on the season -- they are tied for last in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders. For reference, the Chicago Bears lead the league with 11 interceptions. The Lions have only forced three total turnovers over four games.

The lack of turnovers is just another sign of the problems the team has faced in 2012. Detroit has gotten locked into early deficits that have allowed opponents to make safer throws to protect leads. A lot of things will need to change if the Lions are going to make a drastic turnaround.