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2012 NFL power rankings: Lions hope to move up after bye

The Detroit Lions come out of their bye week as around the 20th ranked team in various NFL power rankings.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

The Detroit Lions didn't move much in the various NFL power rankings during their bye week. Detroit still sits at 1-3 and hopes to bounce back after their bye and return to the form they displayed in the 2011 season.

In Joel Thorman's power rankings at SB Nation, the Lions come in at 21st and the importance of their upcoming games is highlighted:

21. Detroit Lions (LW: 20, 1-3): Defining moment of the season is coming up here: at Philly, at Chicago. The Lions are almost in a position where they have to win both those.

The 21st ranking for the Lions is similar to what they are elsewhere. At ESPN, Detroit comes in at 20th; the same position they get from Elliot Harrison at Harrison notes that the Lions biggest problem this season has been their special teams. At CBS Sports, Pete Prisco ranks the Lions at 22nd and points out their defense as their weakness rather than special teams. Between the four sites the Lions have an average ranking of 20.75; with their next game against the higher ranked Philadelphia Eagles, they have a chance to start moving up the power rankings.