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Jim Schwartz thinks all players should hire a driver

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz thinks all players in the NFL should hire a driver to avoid traffic incidents.

Leon Halip

When talking about Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and his recent (and past) issues behind the wheel of a car, head coach Jim Schwartz suggested that all NFL players should just hire a driver. It seems as though he was asked about whether or not Suh should have a driver, partly in jest, and Schwartz ran with it as a good idea.


"Honestly, I think it would be best for every single player in the NFL to have a driver," Schwartz said. "I don't know if that's always feasible, but I think there are a lot of situations that can be avoided if you have a driver and it just takes something else off your radar. He's certainly a guy that is in a very fortunate position that he could afford something like that."

NFL players have been somewhat notorious for driving incidents, though that's likely due to the fact that they're so visible in the media. Meaning, it likely doesn't happen to them any more than the rest of us. That being said, Schwartz does make a lot of sense in his reasoning (even if it is glossing over the central problem).

Most players in the NFL can afford to hire a driver. It's also true that it's just one less thing that an NFL player has to think about, and that's a positive when it comes down to a high pressure, public spotlight kind of job like being a player in the league. That being said, the proposition doesn't seem entirely likely, by any stretch of the imagination.