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Matthew Stafford says things like Ndamukong Suh's kick 'happen all the time'

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford does not believe Ndamukong Suh's latest kicking incident was out of the ordinary.

Dave Reginek

Following the news that his teammate would not be suspended for his actions on Thanksgiving, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford told 97.1 The Ticket's Valenti and Foster that plays like Ndamukong Suh's kick happen quite often around the league.

Although it is fully evident that Suh's track record will continue to impact how the league perceives his actions on the field, Stafford still does not believe the play that resulted in Houston quarterback Matt Schaub getting kicked in the groin had any malicious intent.

"Those kind of unintentional hits, I think, happen all the time in the game," Stafford said, reported by Sports Radio Interviews. "It just so happened I guess the camera was on him and that’s the way it goes. But things like that happen all the time."

Some around the league expected Suh to be hit with at least a one-game suspension as a repeat violator, but the talented defensive lineman was ultimately tabbed with a $30,000 fine instead. It's safe to say that Suh will be monitored heavily by league officials on a weekly basis from here on out, even though Stafford and others within the Lions organization are still not convinced he did anything wrong.