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NFL power rankings, Week 10: Lions rise after victory

The Detroit Lions are moving up in the weekly power rankings following their win over Jacksonville in Week 9.


The Detroit Lions aren't where they hoped to be at this point in the season, but they picked up a win on Sunday and moved to .500, so they still have a chance to contend for the playoffs. They're also moving up in the weekly power rankings around the Internet following the dominant 31-14 victory over Jacksonville.

Joel Thorman of SB Nation released his Week 10 power rankings, and he has the Lions moving up three spots following their victory, though his message is one of tough luck.

16. Detroit Lions (LW: 19, 4-4): Unfortunately for Detroit, the Lions' resurgence in the last 18 months comes at a time when the Bears and Packers are two of the best teams in football.

ESPN has them a bit higher up on their rankings, bumping them up three spots to No. 14. CBS Sports had them the lowest of all the major rankings, coming in at No. 18, up one spot from the previous week. Brian Billick of FOX Sports has them the highest, at No. 12, though he's been prone to send teams skyrocketing up or down. For instance, he had them at No. 12 last week as well.