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Lions center Dominic Raiola shoots back at anonymous general manager

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola spoke to the media on Wednesday and had harsh words for the anonymous general manager who called him a "fraud".

Frederick Breedon

One day after being called a "fraud" by an anonymous general manager through the publication Pro Football Weekly, Detroit Lions offensive lineman Dominic Raiola fired right back at the man in question at Wednesday's press conference, reported by Justin Rogers of

The 12-year NFL veteran was hardly pleased at having his value as an NFL player called into question, and made sure to let both the editors of Pro Football Weekly and the General Manager know exactly how he feels about their antics:

"I'm not going to spend too much time on this because we've got a big game this week. All I've got to say is to two people -- whoever is talking (expletive) and the person who wrote it in Pro Football Weekly -- coward, gutless, ball-less. You've got no name, anonymous, all I've got to say is, '(expletive) you.'

If I spend any more time on this, that's what he wants, so '(expletive) him and (expletive) both of them. That's all I've got."

While the publication issued a quick apology to both Raiola and Detroit's organization to save face, it's hard to believe this won't serve to fire the 33-year-old lineman up as much as possible heading into Sunday's game. A number of players on the Lions and around the league have already rushed to Raiola's defense over the last day for obvious reasons, but there's no doubt that the veteran lineman will carry this with him for the rest of his career.