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Jared Allen still no fan of city of Detroit or Gosder Cherilus

Minnesota Vikings defensive end isn't shy about expressing is disdain for the city of Detroit and Lions offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus.

Gregory Shamus

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen doesn't like the city of Detroit, the Lions or offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus. It's just that simple. Whenever the Lions and Vikings are set to meet in Detroit, Allen gets to rehash and revise his opinions on the city. Allen leads the Vikings with seven sacks on the season, and over 10 career games against the Lions he has recorded 13.5 sacks, so he often backs up his smack talk.

Allen loves throwing barbs at the city of Detroit. Last season he jokingly said that that if he had to live in Detroit he would drown himself in the river, and this year he softened his stance a bit in an interview with The Detroit News: "Obviously, I am not a city person, period. And Detroit is not on my high list of places to move. But, hey, I love Ford. I love American-made automobiles."

In case you've forgotten what Allen originally said about Detroit, has provided the transcript:

"I don't like going to Detroit," Allen said. "I'll be honest, it's gloomy, it sucks. Everything is brown and then there is snow on the ground. There's like Brownstones everywhere and I'm like, 'Awesome.' I don't know, I couldn't do it. If I had to live in Detroit, I think I'd just drown myself in the river that was across the way.

"I'm not trying to be mean, but it's just depressing when I go there," he continued. "There's two cities like I don't go out to eat or don't do anything. It's Detroit and New Orleans. New Orleans looks like I'm driving through a third-world country every time I get off the plane, I'm like, 'Oh, flak jacket.' I'm trying to get down. I'm like, 'Ah, crap, I can't carry my gun here. This sucks."

The feisty defensive end has a particular disdain for offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus, who tried to chop block Allen back in 2009 and caused the Vikings' defensive end to say Cherilus is among the 0.1 percent of NFL players he does not respect. He recently told The Detroit News, "We haven't mended fences yet," so don't discount the possibility of more fireworks on Sunday.

The Lions (4-4) host the Vikings (5-4) on Sunday at Ford Field.