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Lions vs. Packers, Week 14: Lions fans 'disappointed' with more 2nd-half struggles

The Lions lost their fifth straight game on Sunday, and the second half cost the Lions once again.


The Detroit Lions dropped to 4-9 on the season with a 27-20 loss to Green Bay on Sunday and, once again, second-half struggles doomed the Lions.

As Sean Yuille of Pride of Detroit noted, second-half problems are nothing new for the Lions this season. Detroit has shown flashes of brilliance, but as Yuille notes, they've also proven to be an underachieving, inconsistent team that struggles to finish games. That was the case again on Sunday, as the Lions lost despite leading at halftime.

They didn't even wait until the fourth quarter to blow their lead this week, instead allowing their excellent start to go to waste early in the third quarter. While the game did enter the final 15 minutes tied, the Lions, to no one's surprise, faded even more in the fourth quarter.

The same issues that have plagued Detroit during the losing streak also cropped up Sunday against Green Bay. The Lions struggled to finish drives with touchdowns, letting the Packers hang around. The loss officially eliminates Detroit from the playoff picture, turning a once-promising season into a major disappointment.

At this point in the season, with the Lions now 4-9, I'm not even upset over what transpired in Green Bay. I'm just disappointed that the same script keeps playing out every week.

Detroit will attempt to snap their losing streak this week when they travel to face the Arizona Cardinals.