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Lions QB Matthew Stafford takes full responsibility for disastrous Week 15 loss

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford told the media that he deserves full blame for Sunday's loss to Arizona.


Demolished by a team widely considered to be the worst in the NFL just one week ago, the Detroit Lions managed to hit a new low on Sunday with their sixth consecutive loss.

Even though he had the opportunity to throw 50 passes on the day, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was one of the biggest culprits for the poor afternoon after tying a season-high with three interceptions. In addition to watching firsthand as two of his picks were returned the other way for defensive touchdowns, Stafford's final 4.92 yards per attempt average number represented his lowest single game total since October of the 2010 season.

Clearly frustrated by his brutal performance in another losing effort, the former No. 1 overall pick made sure to inform Justin Rogers of after the game that he is accepting full responsibility for the outcome.

"Everybody was playing their a**** off," Stafford said. "It's on me. I have to play better. I'll take that loss. I told those guys in there, that one is one me. It's on me to get it right and get this thing going in the right direction."

Along with being the third time this season where he finished a game without a passing touchdown, Sunday's loss also marked the third game this year where Stafford failed to complete 50% of his passes. Last season he recorded a touchdown after roughly every 16 passes, whereas that number is more than double this year at a downright surprising 37 passes per touchdown. Even in a season where Calvin Johnson is entering uncharted territory statistically for his position, Stafford's inconsistent decision-making in recent weeks has been a frustrating thing to deal with for anyone either emotionally or monetarily invested in the organization.