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NFL Power Rankings 2012, Week 16: Lions continue to slide after loss to Cardinals

The New England Patriots are knocked off their top perch, the Broncos and 49ers reign supreme, and the Lions keep sliding toward the bottom in the latest NFL power rankings.


Detroit Lions fans don't need power rankings to tell them that their team is one of the worst in the NFL right now. But just in case you were wondering, the experts agree with them.

After Sunday's 38-10 shellacking at the hands of Arizona, the Lions have slumped into the dregs of the NFL's power rankings. ESPN and CBS have Detroit in the league's bottom five; Yahoo was most kind to Jim Schwartz and crew, ranking Detroit 25th after its sixth straight loss.

In SB Nation's overall rankings, Detroit sits at 27th, down one spot from Week 15. Both CBS and ESPN bumped the Lions three spots down to 28th. Yahoo has Detroit curiously above Arizona at No. 25 overall, down from 24th.

In the rest of the NFL, the New England Patriots were knocked out of first place in all four rankings. SB Nation and ESPN have New England down to fifth, Yahoo down to fourth, and Yahoo nudged them down one place to second. In the Patriots' place, the four sites are divided on the new No. 1. SB Nation and CBS have cast their lot with Peyton Manning and the Broncos, while Yahoo and ESPN have tabbed San Francisco as top dog.

The bottom of the rankings is mostly unchanged, featuring the rotating gallery of awful that has been Philadelphia, Kansas City and Jacksonville.