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Lions injury report: No word on status of Nick Fairley, Brandon Pettigrew

It's still unclear if the Detroit Lions' young stars will be able to go against the Falcons.


The Detroit Lions' blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals made it obvious that the team needs all the help it can get, but there's still been no word from the team regarding the statuses of Nick Fairley and Brandon Pettigrew. Both players missed that game against Arizona after suffering injuries in the previous week, but they could potentially return for this week's game against the Atlanta Falcons, which takes place on Saturday night.

Fairley, one of Detroit's key defensive linemen, suffered a shoulder injury near the end of Detroit's loss at the Green Bay Packers, and he was unable to take the field in Arizona. Pettigrew suffered an ankle injury against the Packers and was also sorely missed against the Cardinals. Though Pettigrew has not had a spectacular season, Detroit's passing game looked completely disjointed against the Cardinals as it searched for contributions from other players.

It doesn't help either player that Detroit drew a Saturday night kick off this week, and each is likely to be evaluated near game time.