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Matthew Stafford says he's 'very comfortable' with his mechanics

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford says he's "very comfortable" with his mechanics and doesn't feel he's throwing "sidearm" more than usual.


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford told WXYT-FM on Tuesday that he is "very comfortable" with his mechanics, and feels that the recent controversy surrounding his "sidearm" delivery is overblown. Sports Radio Interviews transcribed the appearance, in which Stafford was asked about the delivery.

After being asked if he was comfortable with his mechanics (and responding with the "very comfortable" line), Stafford was told that a lot of his throws have been sidearm lately. He went on to say "I really don't feel like it's too much different, to tell you the truth. I'm just trying to make the plays that are there."

Stafford admitted that he threw two balls sidearm on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals and mentioned that both of them were complete.

Stafford's mechanics have been under fire lately for a couple of reasons. For one, the Lions aren't winning games, and for two, he's obviously been throwing sidearm. The experts suggest that he's using "exotic" arm angles to make up for poor footwoork. However, Stafford's throwing motion has always been like this, so it's odd to see it come up now.