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Calvin Johnson talks about breaking Jerry Rice's receiving record

Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is fully aware of his historic season, but has yet to allow his achievements to sink in.


Already the most prolific wide receiver in NFL single season history, Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson spoke with Chrissie Wywrot of on Wednesday about what his record-breaking performance in Week 16 means to him personally.

Johnson needs just 108 receiving yards against the Bears on Sunday to become the first player at his position to ever record a 2,000-yard season, but has still not bothered to step back and truly bask in his remarkable 2012 campaign.

"Getting this record hasn’t really sunk in yet, but at some point it will," Johnson said. "People talk about it all the time, but the focus is on the next game. But after the season when everything calms down and I’m just chillin’ or layin’ back I’ll reflect on the season then and I’ll be like, ‘I put in a lot of work to get it.’"

The Pro Bowl receiver was especially touched to have his father on hand at field level for the experience, as messages from both Herman Moore and former NFL yardage record-holder Jerry Rice each flashed on the big screen after his record-breaking reception brought an ear-to-ear smile to his father's face. Knowing full well that he has a prime opportunity to put his record out of reach, Johnson is absolutely setting his sights on the 2,000-yard plateau this Sunday.

"I think getting to 2,000 would kind of put that record away for awhile," he said. "You never know what’s going to happen, but that’s real tough to reach."