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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Lions to stick with best player strategy?

The Detroit Lions could go with the best player available when the 2013 NFL Draft rolls around - but would that fill a need?

Mike Zarrilli

The Detroit Lions could find themselves picking as high as No. 3 in the 2013 NFL Draft, or as low as No. 9, depending on how their Week 17 game against the Chicago Bears goes and how the tiebreaks align after that. If the draft were to start today, they'd be picking at No. 5, and the general consensus is that they desperately need to draft a defensive back.

That doesn't necessarily mean they're going to in the first round, however. As Walter Football notes in their latest of many mocks, the Lions prefer to pick the top player on their board. In the mock, they have Texas A&M defensive end/outside linebacker Demontre Moore as the selection.

They suggest that Moore would be their top player at this point in the draft, and the fact that Kyle Vanden Bosch is likely gone could help convince them to make the pick. They're not getting a lot of pass rushing from the edge, so Moore fills that need, even if he doesn't address the biggest team need at cornerback.