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Stefan Logan removed from returning duties by Lions

Stefan Logan will not be returning kickoffs or punts in the Lions Week 17 contest against the Bears.


Stefan Logan has been removed from kick returning duties by the Detroit Lions prior to their final game of the season against the Chicago Bears. This move was not a surprise after Logan made two mistakes returning kicks against the Falcons in Week 16. Logan said, "I'm mad, at the same time, there's nothing I can do about it. That's the coach's decision. I blame myself. I'm not blaming the coaches, I blame myself."

In Week 16 Logan accidentally called for a fair catch with room for a return, but made a much larger mistake later in the game against the Falcons. After a safety late in the game, Logan fielded the free kick at the 4-yard line and took a knee, pinning the Lions deep in their own territory.

On the season Logan averaged 21.3 yards per kickoff return and 9.1 yards per punt return, ranking him 22nd and 16th respectively. He also fumbled six punts this season.