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Jim Schwartz denies there is 'tension' with Martin Mayhew

The embattled Lions coach has dealt with disciplinary issues from his players to his coaches, and the collective problem could lead to his dismissal at the end of a dismal year in Detroit.


Lions coach Jim Schwartz says the rumor that there is tension between himself and Lions general manager Martin Mayhew couldn't be further from the truth, according to the Detroit Free Press.

While not being intentionally dismissive, Schwartz likened the lack of discipline the Lions are perceived to have as something all NFL teams have to deal with to varying extents.

"It's stuff that you deal with in the NFL," he told the Free Press. "I won't say it's every team, but things come up in the NFL, and you need to be able to react accordingly. That's part of our job is dealing with stuff like that and making decisions."

A decision could be made on Schwartz's position as the Lions' head coach soon after their Week 17 game against Chicago. Detroit has lost seven straight games, leading to questions regarding Schwartz's job security. His teams are 22-42 in four seasons, including a loss in their only playoff game, which came after their only winning season in 2011.

The perception of a lack of discipline wasn't just in regards to the players. Wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan were seen yelling at each other on the sideline during a Week 11 loss to Green Bay. But the players, one in particular, certainly made their mark. Wide receiver Titus Young was accused of sabotaging the offense, and reports suggested he was intentionally lining up on the wrong side of the formation earlier this season.

Whether these incidents are considered isolated or a part of a growing culture that is keeping a lid on the Lions' ability to field a successful team remains to be seen. Much of it will be answered with the Lions' decision to either keep Schwartz or cut him loose.