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Lions don't rule out return of Titus Young next season

The Detroit Lions didn't rule out the potential return of wide receiver Titus Young next season.


The Detroit Lions and wide receiver Titus Young have a tenuous relationship. The young wideout was in trouble multiple times this past season, and was asked to stay away from team facilities on three separate occasions. That being said, the Lions may still carry Young on the roster next season, according to

Head coach Jim Schwartz said that Young is still on the roster and that everyone who is on the roster "is on the roster for a reason." He said that there is a process involved in Young's return, but that he is a "very talented player," and that he made a difference when he was on the field.

That being said, Young missed a lot of time due to his antics. He reportedly punched teammate Louis Delmas in the offseason, purposely lined up out of position in an actual NFL game and, as noted, was asked to stay away from practice on three separate occasions.