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NFL Network to air documentary on Barry Sanders

A one-hour documentary about the storied career of Lions legend Barry Sanders will be aired by the NFL Network on Wednesday night.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Fourteen years after his surprising retirement from the NFL, former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders will be the focus of a documentary airing Wednesday night on the NFL Network, MLive's Gillian Van Stratt writes. The documentary looks at the legendary running back's storied career and subsequent retirement through interviews from those involved.

Sanders himself is among those interviewed in the program, which is being aired at 8 p.m. ET Wednesday night as part of the network's Emmy-nominated series, A Football Life. He even discusses his retirement, which many believed to be premature given the level of performance he was still playing at.

The documentary also covers Sanders' high school career, emergence as a Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma State and impressive career with the Lions, which ended in 1998. Sanders finished his time in the NFL with 15,269 rushing yards and 99 touchdowns, stunning numbers for a player whose career spanned just 10 years.