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Corey Williams says 2012 season has been 'bumpy road' for him

Corey Williams said he felt 'useless' because of his injury.

Dave Reginek

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams played a large role in the team's resurgence and eventual playoff appearance last season. His absence for most of this season is also one of the reasons the team, which is currently 4-8, hasn't matched that same success.

Williams, who returned to the lineup last week against the Indianapolis Colts, talked to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press about his frustrations this season.

"That (introducing him with the starters) meant a lot to me for them to introduce me like that because in one way I kind of felt like - I hadn't been playing, I felt like I was useless," Williams told Birkett. "For them to do that though, it kind of put a smile on my face cause I thought everybody had kind of wrote me off. ‘Oh, he got a knee injury. Put him on the backburner.' Then Nick's been playing as good as he has ...

"It's been a bumpy road for me."

Williams has missed seven games this season due to a knee injury. He has nine tackles and two sacks this season.