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Lions punter Nick Harris is glad to be back with team

After spending eight seasons in Detroit earlier in his career, Nick Harris is happy to be back punting for the Lions. Talking to Justin Rogers of, Harris described being back as "awesome":

"I don't know how to describe it. I don't know what the odds are of coming back to a team like that are, but I know they're not good. Coming in here yesterday, looking around and thinking about that, it's just awesome."

Harris was cut by the Lions right before the 2011 season for salary reasons, then spent the year with the Jacksonville Jaguars. After being cut by the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers this year, Harris was able to find his way back to Detroit, where he will replace Ben Graham, who was put on injured reserve on Tuesday.

Harris will also return to his holding duties with the Lions, and will work with longtime teammate Jason Hanson.