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Stephen Tulloch fined $21,000 for helmet-to-helmet hit against Titans

Lions LB Stephen Tulloch owes the NFL $21,000 for going bashing heads with Titans TE Craig Stevens last Sunday.

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch has been fined $21,000 by the NFL for a hit on Tennessee Titans tight end Craig Stevens in last Sunday's loss.

Tulloch made contact with Stevens' helmet on a hit during the overtime period, and was flagged for his second personal foul of the game as a result. Tulloch had stated earlier in the week that he would appeal any punishment from the league.

Because of a hit that led to Tulloch's first foul, Titans guard Leroy Harris was also fined, as he'll owe $10,000 to the league. Harris went low on Tulloch after the whistle late in the first half. Tulloch retaliated, and was flagged in the process. He was not happy with Harris' actions, as he told CBS Sports' John Kreger:

"I've known Leroy probably 10-plus years. For him out of all people to come at me like that... There are no friends on the field when you play, I understand that, but you keep it between the whistles. There's no place for [cheap shots] after the whistle."

In addition, Tennessee defensive end Scott Solomon is on the hook for $15,750 for a low hit on Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.