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Lions sign Carmen Messina, Conroy Black to future deals

The Detroit Lions re-signed two defensive players from their practice squad on Monday.

Rob Carr

The Detroit Lions have wasted no time in preparing for next season, signing linebacker Carmen Messina and cornerback Conroy Black, according to Dave Birkett. Both players served on the Lions' practice squad in 2012.

Fans may remember Messina from his strong performance in August. The undrafted rookie was very impressive in several preseason games. Messina came out of nowhere and almost earned a roster spot, but the Lions' surplus of linebackers made it difficult to justify a spot for him on the roster. Still, the fact that Detroit is bringing Messina back indicates that the team will likely be giving the young linebacker another look in 2013. Here's a scouting report of Messina, compiled on Pride of Detroit.

Black also spent most of the year on Detroit's practice squad, but didn't join the Lions until Sept. 18. The speedy corner was originally signed by Oakland, but the Raiders dropped Black after two preseason games. Black reportedly ran a 4.3 40-yard dash and had four interceptions for Utah during his senior season in 2011.