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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Lions finish season among bottom of NFL power rankings

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The Detroit Lions completed a disappointing season on Sunday, leaving them among the last few teams in various NFL power rankings.

Leon Halip

The Detroit Lions' free-fall throughout the 2012 NFL season from talented, young contender to a major disappointment came to an end this past Sunday. The Lions lost to the Chicago Bears to finish the season by losing their final eight games.

The collapse by Detroit dropped the Lions down the various power rankings from outlets covering the NFL. ESPN's final power rankings left the Lions at No. 28 among the 32 teams with no answers, just questions.

Was it a step-back year like teams have sometimes after they first contend? Or was 2012 a sign of major systemic problems in Detroit?

SB Nation's Joel Thorman leaves the Lions in a similar neighborhood in his final power rankings, listing the Lions at No. 27.

For another take on where the Lions stack up in the NFL, has power rankings based on their formulas to consider all of the statistics and schedule factors that influence winning and losing.

According to the formulas used to rank NFL teams, Oddsshark has the Lions ranked 13th. That puts Detroit ahead of playoff teams, Indianapolis (22), Minnesota (17) and Baltimore (15).