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Martin Mayhew regrets not planning for Jahvid Best's absence

Martin Mayhew counts not planning for Jahvid Best's absence as one of his biggest mistakes of 2012.

Leon Halip

The Detroit Lions just wrapped up a 4-12 season, well below their expectations. General manager Martin Mayhew has kept his job, but he's going to have to turn things around in 2013 if it's to stay that way. So what's to blame for the bad season? There's plenty of reasons, but among Mayhew's mistakes, he counts one regarding running back Jahvid Best among his most significant.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Mayhew said that depending on Best to return from a concussion and not creating a contingency plan in the event that he wouldn't be able to was the biggest mistake. Given the lack of production from the running game and the increasing dependency on quarterback Matthew Stafford, it seems like a valid choice.

Best suffered two concussions in 2011, and all throughout that offseason, the Lions reiterated their hope and belief that Best would be ready in time for the regular season. He did not return, and all throughout the 2012 season, Best's status was constantly up in the air.