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Michigan basketball hasn't selected new captains yet

Even though Midnight Madness is inching closer, Michigan coach John Beilein hasn't decided on his captains for the 2012-13 college hoops season.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

After losing former co-captains Stu Douglass and Zack Novak to graduation, Michigan basketball coach John Beilein has yet to fill the two vacated positions heading into the upcoming season, according to a report by Nick Baumgartner of

Not having a vocal leader like Novak is significant blow for Beilein's locker room, but the veteran coach hopes that two worthwhile candidates will emerge over the next month of practices.

"We're going to really watch the next three weeks, and see who the leaders are," Beilein said. "I don't think we're in the type of position to name that yet."

While it was readily assumed that Novak and Douglass would each captain the 2011-12 squad as seniors, it's a complete mystery right now what two players will be selected as replacements. Seniors Blake McLimans and Matt Vogrich may have the most court experience of the graduating class, but juniors Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Jordan Morgan could each also factor into the mix. And due to the impressive amount of poise he showed in clutch situations last year, it's still hard to believe that sophomore point guard Trey Burke will be totally ruled out despite his underclassman status.

Though Beilein wants to use plenty of practice time to evaluate the leadership qualities of his entire roster, he still plans to ask those within the program their opinion on the matter before making his final selections.

"The players will have a say, the coaches will have a say, (but) we need more information."