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Michigan basketball's starting lineup still to be determined

The Michigan Wolverines have not determined their starting lineup, says head coach John Beilein.

Kevin C. Cox

The Michigan Wolverines have yet to settle on a starting lineup for the upcoming basketball season, according to head coach John Beilein. The Wolverines know they will start Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. in the backcourt, and Jordan Morgan will be one of the frontcourt starters. The other two starting spots are still up for grabs.

Beilein has said that Burke will start at point guard, and Hardaway will be at shooting guard to start the season. Morgan will play either power forward or center. Right now, Beilein said he is more focused on developing flexibility and versatility than anything else. With multiple players who can play several positions, the Wolverines have a lot of options. Beilein said they used four or five different lineups at practice on Wednesday, but none of them "blew our coaching staff away."

According to Beilein, Michigan may not have a solid starting five until January, as he plans to continue to experiment in the early season. The Wolverines begin their season against Slippery Rock on Nov. 9.