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Chris Webber could miss Fab 5 reunion at Michigan-Louisville title game

Four members of the famed 'Fab Five' will be in attendance for Monday night's title game, but reports indicate former Wolverines star Chris Webber may skip the event. Webber hasn't been in touch with any of his ex-Michigan teammates during the Wolverines' NCAA Tournament run.

Kevin C. Cox

As Michigan gets set to play in their first national championship game in 20 years, it appears as though Chris Webber, the star of their last Final Four run, won't be in attendance for Monday night's title game against Louisville.

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Webber was a member of the famed 'Fab Five,' which brought Michigan to back-to-back national championship game appearances in 1992 and 1993.

However, Webber hasn't been in touch with any of his four ex-teammates in the lead-up to Michigan's showdown with Louisville, leading them to believe he won't be in attendance Monday night. The other four, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Jalen Rose, will all be in the stands for the title game.

King explained the situation to

"As far as I know, four out of the five are going to be here," King said. "I have not talked to Chris, none of the other guys have talked to Chris, we have all left messages, texted him, relayed, everything.

"All I hope and pray is that he will respond and show up. I think the university deserves it, I think he deserves it so we can put everything behind us."

As King later explained, Webber's disconnect may have come from his infamous "timeout" call, one which partially led to Michigan's loss to North Carolina in the 1993 title game.

On that play, Webber attempted to call a timeout, even though Michigan had none left. The Wolverines were charged with a technical foul, and ultimately the Tar Heels won the game.

Webber went on to become a five-time NBA All-Star, before retiring from the sport in 2008. He has since moved to Atlanta, where he now works as an NBA analyst for TNT.

Atlanta is the host of Monday night's Championship Game.

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