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Illinois vs. Michigan score: Wolverines hold commanding 38-0 lead after three quarters

The Michigan Wolverines took a 17-0 lead over the Illinois Fighting Illini into the second half, and then piled it on in the third quarter. Michigan holds a 38-0 lead heading into the fourth quarter, with 21 unanswered in the third alone. Quarterback Denard Robinson has now been in on four touchdowns, including a huge touchdown pass to Jeremy Gallon in the first that went for 71 yards.

Robinson got the third quarter started with a 49-yard rushing touchdown, and on the very next possession, he hit Devin Funchess for an 8-yard touchdown strike. All-in-all, he's thrown the ball for 159 yards and two touchdowns, with just seven completions, and has rushed the ball for 128 yards off of 11 carries. Fitzgerald Toussaint continues to struggle, with just 53 yards off of 16 carries, though he did manage to find the endzone on a two-yard rush late in the third.

Illinois has only attempted 11 passes, and they've only managed to complete four of them. They've rushed for 113 yards, much higher than their passing yards at 25. But Michigan has thrown for 159 and has put up 209 on the ground heading into the fourth.