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VIDEO: Michigan football commemorates 900th win in program history

The Michigan Wolverines released a video celebrating their record setting 900th win.

Leon Halip

With their 12-10 victory over the Michigan State Spartans on Oct. 20, the Michigan Wolverines became the first college football team to reach 900 wins. To celebrate the achievement and their status as the winningest program in college football history they released a short video.

The video, released on MGoBlue, highlights each milestone win for the Wolverines, from 100 up to 900.

Win 100 was a 57-0 victory over Case on Oct. 5, 1901. Win 200 was a 36-0 shutout of Mount Union on Oct. 9, 1915. Win 300 was another shutout, a 26-0 win over Michigan State on Oct. 1, 1932. For win 400 the Wolverines beat Minnesota, 27-14 on Oct. 23, 1948. The program reached 500 wins with a 21-14 victory over Illinois on Nov. 11, 1967. Win 600 was a 42-0 clobbering of Wisconsin on Oct. 21, 1978. Win 700 came over Purdue on Nov. 4, 1989, 42-27. Win 800 was a 13-10 win over Wisconsin on Sept. 30, 2000.

Of course win 900 was their 12-10 victory over Michigan State on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012. The second-winningest program in college football is the Texas Longhorns, who have 863 wins.