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NCAA Football Rankings, Week 10: Michigan drops out of Coaches' Poll

Coming off their third loss of the season, the Michigan Wolverine have dropped out of the USA Today Coaches' Poll this week.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

The Michigan Wolverines have dropped out of the USA Today Coaches' Poll after losing their third game of the season to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday. The win boosted Nebraska into the top 25 after a loss to Ohio State in early October knocked the Cornhuskers out of the rankings.

For the Wolverines, it's another loss against a quality opponent for a team that was expected to be among the best in the nation this year. In three losses to Alabama, Notre Dame and Nebraska, the Wolverines have been outscored 77-29, and the combined 2012 records of the opponents they've beaten is 15-26.

At the moment, Nebraska is the only Big Ten team placed in the Coaches' Poll due to the ineligibility of the unbeaten Ohio State Buckeyes. It's a disappointment for one of the nation's marquee football conferences. Other than Nebraska and Ohio State, the Northwestern Wildcats are the only other team in the conference with two or less defeats.