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Brady Hoke says wearing a headset is 'overrated'

Michigan's Brady Hoke does not believe his lack of a headset on the sidelines during games alters his ability to coach.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Often taunted by opposing fans for not wearing a headset during games like a majority of his peers, Michigan football coach Brady Hoke made sure to let the college football world know his true opinion of headsets on Thursday during his local weekly radio segment.

As reported by Mark Snyder of The Detroit Free Press, Hoke went on 97.1 The Ticket to dispel the common belief that wearing a headset is the only way for a coach to know what is going on. "It is overrated," Hoke said. "You ever watch guys on headsets? They don’t say a word."

To Hoke, getting bogged down by a headset only distracts from his ability to connect with his players on a personal level during the game. Regardless of what some critics will continue to say, the second-year coach doesn't appear likely to change his methods anytime soon. And with trusted minds like Al Borges running the show on offense and Greg Mattison calling the shots on defense, Hoke believes he's the most valuable in a teaching role anyway.

"No. 1, not wearing a headset, I get to teach on the sideline, and I get to be a real part of it," Hoke said. "The other thing is, I do know what the calls are, because there’s a guy standing right behind me who tells me every call that’s going in."