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Michigan vs. Purdue score: Wolverines hold 31-10 lead heading into 4th

Though the offense didn't continue the pace of 21 points scored in the second quarter, Michigan added to their lead over Purdue on Saturday, as they hold a 31-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

A Denard Robinson 46-yard rush took the Wolverines into Purdue territory on their second possession of the half, but a couple rushes of no gain from Fitzgerald Toussaint stalled out the drive, and they had to settle for a 29-yard Brandon Gibbons field goal

Toussaint has been struggling with the ball, leading to more rushes from Robinson, who fumbled it in the second half leading to the only Purdue touchdown on the day, a 4-yard pass from Caleb TerBush to O.J. Ross.

Toussaint has just 19 yards off of 14 carries, for an average of 1.4 yards per carry. He does have two touchdowns, though, and both of them were for 1 yard. His long on the day is just 6 yards.

Robinson, on the other hand, has 154 yards rushing off of 14 carries, good for a 7.7 per carry average. The third quarter came to an end with Purdue in Michigan territory threatening to score, though it would still be a multiple-score game if they managed to find the end zone early in the fourth.