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Michigan having discussions about 2013 night game

The Michigan Wolverines are discussing hosting a night football game in 2013.

Gregory Shamus

The Michigan Wolverines are having discussions about hosting a night game during the 2013 football season. Athletic director Dave Brandon has already stated that he would like to host one night game per year and talks about who to play next season have begun.

Brandon said, "I think I know who I want to play," but he would not share which matchup he's looking at with the media. Most believe it is the Wolverine's Sept. 7 game against Notre Dame. Brandon said that he is focusing on the first five games of the season for the night game. Next year Michigan plays Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Akron, and Minnesota at home in four of their first five games.

Michigan hosted Notre Dame in their first ever night game at the Big House in 2010. The Wolverines were not able to host a night game this season, but Brandon hopes that the tradition can be renewed next season.