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2012 NCAA football rankings: Michigan sneaks into SB Nation BlogPoll

Brady Hoke's Wolverines were voted the No. 24 team in the country.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Despite the absence of star quarterback Denard Robinson, the Michigan Wolverines have recovered from a loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers to win two straight games, including last week's 38-31 overtime victory over the Northwestern Wildcats. That mini-winning streak has vaulted Michigan back into the SB Nation BlogPoll, where they clock in this week at No. 24.

That's up 10 spots from where they were last week, which likely owes as much to the performance of other teams around the country as it does Michigan's last two wins. The Wolverines were actually tied in points-per-blog with the Kent St. Golden Flashes, but Kent St. took the tiebreaker.

The Wolverines will be back on the field on Saturday afternoon when they host the Iowa Hawkeyes, and they can continue to move up the polls if they take home a victory in that matchup. The Ohio St. Buckeyes await in the week after and final game of the season.