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Rich Rodriguez talks about Denard Robinson's career at Michigan

Former Michigan Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez said he was proud of Denard Robinson's career at Michigan.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

Rich Rodriguez, the former Michigan Wolverines head coach who recruited Denard Robinson, called Robinson "one of the most exciting players" in Michigan history. Rodriguez is now the coach at Arizona, but still thinks of Robinson and said he is very proud of Robinson's "phenomenal" career.

Rodriguez said when recruiting Robinson, the coached who watched him practice told said, "This is going to be a guy we think we can build an offense around." In addition to praising Robinson's running and throwing ability, Rodriguez said he was great to coach and that everyone respected him on and off the field.

Robinson has missed the last two and a half games due to a right arm injury, but has impressive career stats including the most offensive yards of any player in Michigan history with 10,425. Robinson's best season was his one year as a starter under Rodriguez in 2010. That season he threw for 2,570 yards and 18 touchdowns while running for 1,702 yards and 14 touchdowns and earned Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year honors.