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'60 Minutes' feature on college football to include Michigan

Michigan football will be featured on this Sunday's edition of CBS' 60 Minutes.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Michigan football will be the centerpiece of a feature this Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET after the network's NFL doubleheader. The 13-minute segment, hosted by Armen Keteyian, will be examining the business of college football.

Athletic director Dave Brandon, head coach Brady Hoke, quarterback Denard Robinson and safety Jordan Kovacs were all interviewed for the segment. Alabama coach Nick Saban will also be a part of the feature, as CBS spent time at the Cowboys Classic in Arlington, Texas between the Wolverines and the Crimson Tide. CBS also attended Michigan home games against Air Force and UMass, as well a fall practice and youth practice at Michigan Stadium.

This is the first time that Michigan football will be featured on 60 minutes, which has been on the air for 45 years. Michigan graduate Mike Wallace was the lead correspondent on the show for 37 years before retiring in 2006. Wallace passed away in 2012.