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Brady Hoke on Denard Robinson returning to QB full time: 'It's an option'

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke left open the possibility that the Wolverines star could return to quarterback after Denard Robinson rushed for nearly 100 yards as the team's running back Saturday.

Gregory Shamus

Michigan Wolverines star Denard Robinson was on the field for the team's 42-17 Senior Day demolition of the Iowa Hawkeyes, but nerve damage in his right elbow consigned him to running back. On Sunday, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke said that Robinson could potentially return to quarterback full time.

For the Wolverines, the good news is that this dilemma might not be too stressful of an issue. Junior Devin Gardner has been stellar as Robinson's replacement, throwing for 834 yards and seven touchdowns in Michigan's last three games. Robinson also adjusted quite nicely to running back despite never having played the position before, running 13 times for 98 yards and catching two passes for 20 yards against the Hawkeyes.

Of course, the Ohio State Buckeyes -- who are next on Michigan's schedule -- may present a bit tougher of a challenge.