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Brady Hoke defends Al Borges' playcalling against Ohio State

Michigan's offense struggled in the second half against Ohio State, but Brady Hoke isn't blaming the playcalling.

Leon Halip

After Michigan's offense was shut out in the second half of the Wolverines' 26-21 loss to Ohio State many fans criticized the playcalling but head coach Brady Hoke defended offensive coordinator Al Borges.

During his weekly press conference, Hoke said he thought Borges called a good game against Ohio State. Many complained the offense was too predictable, but Hoke said he didn't think that was an issue. That goes against what Ohio State co-defensive coordinator Everett Withers said after the game. Withers, according to the Michigan Daily, said Michigan was a "little bit predictable" in the first half.

Withers said it was obvious when Denard Robinson was at quarterback Michigan would run and when Devin Gardner was under center, the Wolverines would throw. He said Ohio State was able to key on that and adjust accordingly. Still, despite that claim, Hoke said execution, not playcalling was the Wolverines biggest issue on Saturday.

"We do a couple things better, I think we'd all be much happier. I thought the playcalling was exactly as it should have been," Hoke said.