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Michigan giving Joey Burzynski, Jack Miller some first-team OL reps

Brady Hoke is concerned with the Michigan offensive line.

Gregory Shamus

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke is blaming the offensive line for the struggles of the running game and passing attack as they had numerous protection breakdowns last week versus Minnesota, according to Kyle Meinke of

As a result, Joey Burzynksi and Jack Miller received first-team offensive line reps in practice on Wednesday.

Michigan running backs Fitz Toussaint and Thomas Rawls combined for 29 carries for 113 yards last Saturday.

Hoke said that the line has to do " a better job at the point of attack."

Toussaint is averaging 48.9 yards per game this season after averaging 118.0 in six games as a starter last season.

Hoke believes that both Toussaint and Rawls run the ball well downhill once a hole opens up while emphasizing that the line has to do a better job to create those opportunities at the point of attack.

The Michigan offensive line also gave up three sacks against Minnesota last Saturday.