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Michigan led college football in average attendance in 2012

The Michigan Wolverines had the highest average attendance of any team in college football for the 2012 season.

Gregory Shamus

The Michigan Wolverines had an average of 112,252 fans attend their home games this season, the most of any team in college football. Despite an overall dip in average attendance across college football, the attendance at Michigan Stadium saw a minor increase as compared to last season.

The official capacity of Michigan Stadium is 109,901, but it can host crowds up to 114,000 and is the largest football stadium in the country.

Ohio State finished second in attendance, with an average of 105,330 fans attending each home game.

Numbers across the Big Ten dropped, as the average attendance in the conference was 70,387 fans per game, the lowest numbers since 2008. The Big Ten ranked second in average attendance to the SEC.

Michigan State came in 20th overall in attendance. The Spartans drew an average crowd of 75,382 fans to home games at Spartan Stadium, up two percent from last year.